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From FFI:

Ceremony To Be Held Online

The Fly Fishers International (FFI) Board of Directors is proud to announce the recipients of the 2021 FFI Awards of Achievement taking place virtually on October 12th. All are invited to join in the online celebration.

Awards presented by FFI acknowledge individuals and organizations who demonstrate the highest levels of achievement, dedication, and contribution to preserving the legacy of fly fishing for all fish in all waters. Recipients of the Board Awards of Achievement are recognized at the Annual FFI Board of Directors Awards Ceremony.

The organization is honored to bestow FFI’s highest honor, the FFI Award of Distinction for Leadership and Service, to Gary Borger from Wausau, Wisconsin and Tom Logan from Tallahassee Florida.  Patty Lueken from Mountain Home Arkansas will receive the FFI Fly Fisher of the Year.  Fly fishing clubs, Northern Kentucky Fly Fishers and Sierra Pacific Flyfishers, will receive the FFI McKenzie Cup.  To view a full list of recipients, go to

This year’s ceremony will be held online via Zoom on October 12, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. EDT.  Attendees can view the ceremony by using the link

FFI has the distinctive mission to preserve the legacy of fly fishing for all fish in all waters. Formed by some of the most influential luminaries in the world of fly fishing and conservation back in 1964—and dedicated to innovative strategies to inspire a new generation of fly fishers—FFI provides opportunities for sponsors and donors to leave a lasting legacy in the sport we love.


Recipients of the 2021 Fly Fishers International Board Awards of Achievement

FFI Award of Distinction for Leadership and Service
Tom Logan, Gary Borger
This award is the ultimate award of Fly Fishers International.  Thus, the consideration for individual achievement is extremely strict.  Services and contribution to FFI must be prominent, extraordinary and significantly above the criteria that would merit consideration for any other award.

FFI Fly Fisher of the Year
Patty Lueken
An award presented annually to that individual or director who has demonstrated unusual devotion to the FFI and through outstanding contributions has benefited FFI as a national organization or international organization.

FFI McKenzie Cup
Northern Kentucky Fly Fishers, Sierra Pacific Fly Fishers
An award, given annually to that FFI Club which has made the most outstanding contribution on behalf of the FFI.

FFI Fly Fishing Skills Education Awards
Celebrating Women in Fly Fishing – Mary Ann Dozer and Corie Berrigan
An award is based upon a single extraordinary contribution or on a continuous prominent effort promoting comprehensive fly fishing education.  Extraordinary contributions are those that are superior and conspicuous in relation to others and consistent with the philosophies of the FFI.

FFI Buz Buszek Memorial Fly Tying Award
Fred Dupré
An award presented to the person who has made significant contributions to the arts of fly tying.

FFI Darwin Atkin Memorial Fly Tying Achievement Award
Henry Hoffman
This award was created in Darwin Atkin’s honor to recognize an FFI member whose long-term contribution to fly tying is widely recognized and respected.  The award is for outstanding achievement, demonstrated commitment and significant advancement of the craft and art of fly tying.

FFI Dick Nelson Fly Tying Teaching Award
Michael Peratis
An award presented to an individual who excels in teaching the art of fly tying to tiers at all skill levels.

FFI International Ambassador
Kuni Masuda
This award is presented to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to expand Fly Fishers International world-wide furthering the mission and vision of the organization.  Contributions, including development organizationally, member engagement, program growth and delivery of benefits and opportunities should have been made over a period of years.

FFI Roderick Haig-Brown Award
Ann Miller
An award presented to a fly fishing author whose work embodies the philosophy and spirit of Roderick Haig-Brown, particularly a respect for the ethics and traditions of fly fishing and an understanding of rivers, the inhabitants and their environments.

FFI Conservation Award
Andrew T Taylor, Timothy W Birdsong, James M Long, Michael S Allen, Michael D Trinagli, Brandon L Barthel
An award presented to a person, group or organization which has made extraordinary contributions to the conservation of our fisheries resources in the past year.

FFI Council Leadership Award
AJ Rosenbohm
An award presented to that council president who has demonstrated unusual devotion to FFI and through outstanding contributions has benefited FFI as a national or international organization. It is not expected that this will be an annual award.

FFI Mel Krieger Fly Casting Instructor Award
Mac Brown, John C Till
An award given by the Casting Board of Governors (CBOG) in recognition of those who have made significant contributions to FFI Casting Instructor Certification Program, have dedicated themselves to fly casting instruction and have shared their knowledge with others.

FFI Women’s Community Development Award
Ann Miller
An award is presented to an individual, group, or organization who has demonstrated unusual devotion to increasing the diversity of the FFI community by expanding the involvement of women. This award is to recognize leadership and service on the regional, national, and/or international level.








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