A Boulder Eye on Innovation


Innovation is a constant in a boat shop as are profanities and a fridge full of domestic beers.  Focusing on the pertinent component of the aforementioned ‘pillars of a boat shop’, innovation has always been in the fabric of Boulder Boat Works.  In January of 2021 the Boulder Skiff was launched after several years of research and development.  The skiff added another option past the Pro Guide and Guide models for anglers to dial in on a boat profile that fit their specific style and home water.   Skiffs with a squared off bow and long wet lines have been made for years, but we took it to the next step for the Boulder Skiff using the materials that have defined Boulder Boat Works for the last 20 years.

The new Boulder skiff  being completed in the shop.

The performance advantages of a Boulder polymer hull are undeniable.  Advantages in weight, durability and acoustics are obvious when you have a chance to row a Boulder Boat.  If we want to get geeky and dig into why Boulder Boats perform so well, it all boils down to fluid dynamics.  Drag coefficient is a measurement of an object’s resistance in a fluid environment.  Factors such as the weight, buoyancy and the hull shape we employ make a hull that has a very low drag coefficient, as it pertains to fishing vessels.  The long and short is that you need to get in and row a Boulder Boat to really feel said innovation.


Beyond the large-scale projects like a new boat profile, we are always looking to tweak and improve all of our designs.  Over the course of the last year, we have added rod treys and a walk around interior configuration to our low-profile dories.  SeaDek has been added as a standard feature with comfort in mind.  Most importantly we will remain on a tireless quest to fit in more cup holders.

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