Cheeky Schoolie Tournament Raffle for Striped Bass Conservation


Schoolie Facts and Copy

The Cheeky Schoolie Tournament is celebrating its 10th year. Competitors will fish and celebrate striped bass in a covid-safe environment on the hollowed striper grounds of Cape Cod on May 22nd. The Cheeky Schoolie Tournament, which is presented by Simms,  focuses on fun, participation, and giving back. While the competition is fierce at the top of the leader board, everyone involved has the chance to walk away with great raffle prizes. More importantly the official conservation partners, Keep Fish Wet, Stripers Forever and the American Saltwater Guide Association, have the chance to educate anglers and viewers on striped bass policy, proper fish handling and efforts we can all take to ensure striped bass are around for generations to come. All three will nonprofit partners receive large donations from the tournament proceeds. That’s right! 100% of the proceeds go to striped bass conservation.

The Cheeky Schoolie Tournament has grown for a decade because of three simple principals according to founder and CEO of host company Cheeky Fishing. “We have always been focused on three things: the fish, the anglers and the fun,” said Upton recently. “We have kept the barrier to entry low and affordable so any angler can come, have fun, and be successful.  All you need is a fly rod and reel, and maybe a pair of waders. But most importantly, the fish are well taken care of as we strictly enforce catch-and-release and best practices for safe fish handling thanks to the science-based recommendations of Keep Fish Wet.”

The tournament can also be enjoyed even if you are miles from Cape Cod and have never even seen a striped bass. There are two ways for anyone to participate. First, you can buy a public raffle ticket and 100% of proceeds will go to our nonprofit partners. More than $10,000 worth of great gear from our partners is up for grabs. You can find the tickets for sale at the Schoolie Raffle for Striped Bass Conservation Page on the  Cheeky Fishing Website. Second,  tune into the live broadcast and virtual awards ceremony Saturday night at 7:00 pm EST. See the action unfold, hear from special guests and check to see if those raffle tickets were the lucky winners.  You can find the link on the Schoolie home page of the Cheeky Fishing website.

Other Schoolie Tournament facts:

  • Largest fly fishing tournament in the world.
  • 2021 is the 10th Year of the tournament.
  • All catch-and-photo-release.
  • Teams of two. Wade fishing only. No boats.
  • Fishing boundary includes all of Cape Cod from the Canal to Provincetown.
  • Unofficial launch to the Cape Cod fishing season
  • Tournament day: May 22, 2021.
  • Covid-safe, contactless environment.
  • Large social media participation.
  • Not just about the podium winners, about all anglers and the fish.
  • The tournament exists to raise money for striped bass conservation.

Raffle Tix for Striper Conservation Now on Sale

There are some  KILLER raffle prizes for this year’s 10th anniversary Schoolie Tournament.  Whether you’re fishing the Tournament or cheering everyone on from the sidelines, this is an awesome way to help bolster the conservation efforts and win it big!  Be sure to check out all 14 raffle prizes and get your tickets now.  As always, all proceeds will go straight to the non-profit Tournament partners (Keep Fish Wet, Stripers Forever, and the American Saltwater Guides Association) in support of striped bass conservation.

Raffle winners will be drawn live during our Virtual Afterparty with Awards on Saturday, May 22nd at 7pm EST


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