NEW Full Color Fly Fishing Reels by Shilton


From Flymen Fishing:

Trusted by guides worldwide in some of the most extreme fishing conditions, such as the Seychelles, Shilton Reels were designed with one thing in mind – to enable fly anglers to fight and catch the strongest, toughest saltwater and freshwater gamefish in the world.

A premier sought-after South African brand, Shilton Reels were previously unavailable in the US market. Due to rising recognition and demand, Shilton and Flymen recently formed a partnership to bring Shilton Reels to the US.

Now, in addition to the original standard black and titanium colors, the New Full Color Anodized Shilton Reels are available in: Red, Blue, Purple, Burnt Gold, Turquoise, or custom colors.

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