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The idea started back in 1972, to provide the highest quality flies from the countries best tyers and bring them to your local fly shop and file these unique patterns into your box. Our early soulful beginnings on the N, Umpqua River were built with signature patterns from Dave Whitlock, Lefty Kreh, Randall Kauffman, Larry Dahlberg, Mike Lawson and others. Now we have grown our Family to include 240 of the most influential tyers of yesterday and today. We continue to drive innovation and carry that same inspiration from our flies – into hook design, pack innovation, leader/tippet, fly storage and the tools we use riverside or at our desks.


2021 Flies / Innovative Proven Signature Patters

This year we have released 47 New Patterns that either float better, sink faster, swim better, move more, or just have that “it” factor to them. From beautiful dry flies like the Fat Angie that can hold up 9 tungsten beads, to our selection of Team USA Euro Nymphs, we continue to drive what’s next in the fly world. Watch the video to see all the new patterns in the round.

Notable 2021 Additions

Fat Angie

Designed by Signature Tyer

Charlie Craven

While the Fat Angie started as a much more realistic and singular imitation of a flying ant, it has morphed into a far more general attractor pattern that lends itself well to a variety of insect types. Tied on a curved Klinkhammer style hook to set the butt end realistically down in the surface film and a foam body, the Fat Angie is finished off with durable super floss legs, a hot pink indicator for visibility and a multi-tonal polypropylene macramé yarn wing. This wing is simply the most buoyant material I’ve ever used. The Fat Angie is my first release in new era of dry-dropper patterns with its large surface area and slim profile. Save some bin space for this one, it’s gonna be big.

Sizes Available: 14-18

Colors: Cinnamon / Gold / Olive / Purple / Black (pictured)


Mimic Hopper

Designed by Signature Tyer

Chris Johnson

Not all hoppers are designed to carry the weight of a bead headed nymph behind them. Some hoppers are built to just do a great job of imitating a hopper that has landed in the water. Theis flies ride low and have lots of movement as the hopper works to stay afloat in the water. The Mimic Hopper is a first choice for when fish are tight to the bank sipping hoppers and your standard mule dry just won’t get them to rise. Tie on the Mimic Hopper and free yourself from the nymph.

Sizes available 8-12

Team USA Euro Nymphs

Silver Bullet Beatis

Designed by Signature Tyer

Lance Egan

The Silver Bullet Baetis is a sleek, fast sinking pattern perfect for hanging below a bushy dry, or on a nymph rig. This simple fly is durable, has a great silhouette, and is relatively drab in color, other than the silver bead. This pattern was designed to complement the Iron Lotus, in that the Silver Bullet Baetis is truer to the coloration of aquatic insects. I use it most in situations where picky fish prefer a fly without a hotspot. The Silver Bullet Baetis is a proven fish catching pattern that will fill a niche in your fly bins and your customers fly boxes.

Sizes available 14-18

Sparring Partner

Designed by Signature Tyer

Matt Winkler

The Sparring Partner was designed as a not so subtle, reaction style, baitfish (parr) imitation. Built around the unbeatable swimming action of rabbit, the fly incorporates a two-tone flashy tail. A mallard flank collar adds a punch of color and unique mottling, and then the fly is finished off with a tightly spun rabbit fur head. A very versatile fly and whether it’s fished fast or slow; horizontal or jigged it will definitely get the fishes attention.

Sizes Available: 02-06

Colors: White/Gold / Brown Tout / Blk/Purple (pictured)

Danger Muffin

Designed By Signature Tyer

Doug McKnight

Going back eight years ago, I got invited by a good friend and client to Guanaja, Honduras for a weeklong DIY saltwater trip and sat down to tie some permit flies for the trip. I had talked with a bunch of people that had been down there to fish and researched all kinds of crab photos. With all of the standard stuff set and began to play around with a more imitative Reef Crab imitation. This was the answer there and over the past few years, we have had this fly do very well everywhere, Bahamas, Belize, Mexico, even made some in roads with a handful of Florida Keys guides. When Pat Cohen came out with the lazer cut claws over a year ago- I played around with a few and thought they looked like a great fit. After fishing with them, I am convinced they work even better.

Size Available: 02-06

Colors: Sandy Olive / Ghost Tan / Muffin Gold-Brown (pictured)


The Best Presentation for Your Fly / New Innovation in Leader/Tippet

Presentation matters. 
Many would argue that it is the most important aspect of catching tough fish. And, while we can’t stop you from wading into prime holding water or epically botching your reach cast, we can help you match the right leader/tippet to the right fly and situation. We have assembled a completely new and technically advanced offering of leader and tippet to give you an advantage. Our job is to provide confidence in your angling.

Our network of tyers, guides, and family has been putting these materials through the paces. Tarpon in the keys, steelhead on the OP, dry fly eaters on the Henry’s Fork, and pressured wintertime fish on the South Platte have all been brought to hand with these new innovative materials.

Three new advanced X Rated Materials


Ultra Fluorocarbon

Never Seen Before, Strength, Sensitivity & Invisibility

Phantom X is a five-layer Ultra Fluorocarbon and to put it simply, it is the strongest and most invisible fluorocarbon tippet on the market. With very little stretch due to its core, Phantom X allows you to detect the most subtle takes. A unique chemical process of combining FC monomers into polymer chains results in harmony with our unique coating result in abrasion resistance, sensitivity, density, invisibility, and strength never seen before in FC tippet. All spools of Phantom X come with a custom ProBand to keep tippet at the ready when you are on the water.




Legendary Deceiver Strength and Invisibility

With Best-In-Class knot-strength, abrasion resistance, and ultra-low visibility, Deceiver X is the premium standard in fluorocarbon material. Deceiver X pays tribute to the original & first fluorocarbon tippet brought to fly-fishing 20 years ago, Umpqua Deceiver. Now on a 50-yard spool, Deceiver X also offers the best value in premium FC material.



Premium Nylon

Holy Grail combination of strength & suppleness

Perform X delivers the Holy Grail in tippet performance – brute strength and resiliency. Our three-layer construction gives our new nylon unique properties. Our core offers the right blend of strength and suppleness to allow a perfectly dead drifted fly to entice the wariest trout, while a secret blend results in the strength to bring the fish to the net. Our Hydrophobic coating keeps the nylon from absorbing water throughout the day which historically results in weaker knots and overall tinsel strength. Our third layer is a continuous coating that creates smooth, consistent, and reliable material. All of our X rated tippet includes a custom Umpqua ProBand to keep tippet at the ready, right where you left it. We go a step further and our collection of Perform X leaders are built for specific species or different tactics to ensure that you always put your best foot forward.


X Series Hooks / XC Barbless Comp Hooks

Flies have become more specialized and so have the hooks they’re tied on. That is why Umpqua launched our line of X Series hooks – to be on the leading edge of innovation to solve fly design issues. Our new XC Barbless Competition Collection of hooks are born out of the lessons learned from competitive angling where each fish matters. So, design your perfect fly with these beautiful and purposeful shapes and to ensure you land more of what you hook.

SRP $7.99 / 25 Pack

U Series Hooks / UC Barbless Comp Hooks

U Series hooks offer the serious fly tier a value-based hook alternative to the current offerings on the market. Our new collection of UC competition hooks offers up an unbeatable value for tyers who are looking for specific and proven shapes that hook and hold fish. This collection has a hook for every type of fly that you can dream up. As a reminder these great hooks come in a 50 pack.

SRP $9.99 / 50 Pack


Waterproof Bug Lockers

Waterproof compartment boxes are a necessity for the boat angler and we now offer two sizes in the Bug Locker line. Both are built with our 3-D Molded high-grip FlyTrap storage system, which is fully adjustable to suit your needs. From storing big dries and streamers for the trout angler or crabs and toads for those living in the salt, we have you covered. Finished to be see-through, while being durable and shatterproof with secure latch closure keep your fly investment secure.

Colors: Aqua / Olive


Dimensions 7.25” X 4.0” x 0.75” 20 compartments

SRP $14.99


Dimensions 10” X 5.7” x 2” 17 compartments

SRP $19.99


ZS2 Wader Tote Bag

We have continued to expand our ZS2 line of bags and packs with our all new Wader Tote. This full-featured tote is designed to handle gearing up, gearing down and storing your boots and waders between trips. Load this tote up with and you are ready to grab-and-go when the bite is on.


  • A full-sized 22”x16” fold-out quilted/padded stand-station while gearing up.
  • When stowed, the pad creates the perfect location tostow rod tubes and nets.
  • Full-sized mesh water-bottle pocket
  • 2×4 Molle Panel – compatible with all ZS2 accessories
  • 2 mesh panels on lid for ventilation/drying
  • 3 internal flat pocket
  • Grab handle with Velcro overwrap
  • Dimensions = 20”X10”X14”
  • Volume = 2800 cubic inches, 45 liters

SRP $99.95

ZS2 Gel Floatant Holder W/Dry Magic

Our ZS2 Gel floatant holder now comes with Tiemco Dry Magic inserted in and ready to apply to your dry flies. Keep your essentials close at hand on our ZS2 molle patch or attach it to any loop or d-ring. Web loop with “Natick” snap ensures secure attachment to all of our pack.

SRP $19.99

ZS2 Shimi Shake Holder w/Shimi

Our ZS2 Dry Shake Holder now comes loaded with the best dry powder on the market Tiemco Shimazaki. Secure it to your ZS2 molle patch, loop, or d-ring on your pack to keep your shake at the ready. Web loop with “Natick” snap ensures secure attachment to all of our pack.

SRP $19.99


New 2021 Fly Tying Tools

Umpqua Dream Stream+ XL Hair Stacker

Ideal when tying large hair-wing flies. A wide, flared opening and smooth machined surface allows for easy loading and removal of hair bundle.

SRP $19.99

Umpqua Dream Stream+ Dubbing Loop Tweezer

A versatile, large tweezer which is ideal for creating your own custom dubbing/composite loops and brushes. It can also be used for picking up and placing difficult-to-handle beads, hooks and eyes. The 3.75” tip has a ruler printed on it to help you determine and repeat the correct length every time.

SRP $11.99

Umpqua Dream Stream+ 3 Piece Scissor Kit

One kit that covers all of you cutting needs. Includes:3.5” Arrow-Point Scissor 4” All-Purpose Scissor5.0” Hair ScissorAll scissors are made with surgical-grade Japanese steel and all blades have micro-serrated cutting edges to assure blades both grab and cut.

SRP $34.99

Tiemco Hair Stackers

TMC Stackers have been renewed by using stainless steel for lifetime usage. Micro size is added for midge-sized hair patterns. It is also nice tool for stacking tailing hackle fibers for both dry flies and nymphs.

Micro – SRP $39.99

Small – SRP $44.99

Medium – SRP $49.99


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