Food for thought…


Five product categories that have seen explosive growth (>50%) during the COVID pandemic… which in hindsight makes total sense…

  1. Personal watercraft (Have been trying to buy a kayak for three months to no effect… can anyone help?).
  2. Microwave popcorn (Even though the Netflix and Amazon Prime shows and movies are getting stale, we’re still watching and munching).
  3. Freezers (Two- to three-month wait time to get a freezer delivered).
  4. Handgun ammunition (Figure that one out on your own).
  5. Disinfectant wipes (Hand sanitizer is abundant, but apparently applying disinfectant to a fiber is a step too far).

Also consider the “ruralization” of America.  After years talking about the urbanization of the country, the pandemic has prompted many (who have the financial ability to do so) to head for the hills and stay there.  In Colorado, for example, when Labor Day is typically the peak of the “Texans heading back to Texas” festival, we’re seeing those folks sticking around, enrolling their kids in local schools (or learning remotely).  Is this a phenomenon that will influence fly fishing, and retailers on a larger scale in the months and years ahead, and if so, how?


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