Emerger Strategies Launches First of Its Kind Fly Fishing Climate Alliance


Sustainability consulting firm Emerger Strategies introduces the Fly Fishing Climate Alliance, a first of its kind strategic initiative for the fly fishing industry. The alliance is a collection of guides, shops, lodges, and brands who share the common belief that it is their responsibility to take action to solve the current climate crisis. It is through the actions of the members of this alliance that the fly fishing industry can do its part in saving both the planet and the fish their businesses are dependent upon. In joining Emerger Strategies’ Fly Fishing Climate Alliance, members have agreed to participate in measures that will encourage a greater use of sustainable business practices within the fly fishing community by pledging to go carbon neutral by 2030.

As of now, sixteen businesses have agreed to join Emerger Strategies’ Fly Fishing Climate Alliance and include: Patagonia Fly Fish, Seigler Reels, Monic Fly Lines, Rep Your Water, Rock Treads, Crazy Creek Products, Tailwater Lodge, School of Trout, Emerald Water Anglers, Lary’s Fly & Supply, Low Tide Charters, True North Trout, Soul Fly Outfitters, Emerger Strategies and Craig Matthews. Rep Your Water co-founders, Corinne and Garrison Doctor, had this to say about the decision in joining the Fly Fishing Climate Alliance: Our business is dependent upon a healthy environment, and because climate change poses a significant threat to the environment and the fish we love, the least we can do is take responsibility for our actions by working to achieve carbon neutrality. We think our industry has everything to gain and nothing to lose by acting on climate and are thrilled to join the Fly Fishing Climate Alliance to work towards a common goal.”

Emerger Strategies began the creation of its Fly Fishing Climate Alliance in 2019 in an attempt to provoke awareness and responsibility for sustainable business practices amongst members of the fly fishing community. Emerger Strategies President, Rick Crawford, had this to say about the decision to build the alliance: “Climate change is undoubtedly the single greatest threat to fisheries on the planet, and as an angler and a father, I am deeply concerned about the future of our planet and our fisheries. I decided to form a Climate Alliance because I feel strongly that by working towards a common goal of achieving carbon neutrality, we can make a significant positive impact towards solving the climate crisis while leading by example. Who knows, maybe fly fishing can save the world?”


Emerger Strategies is a sustainable business consultancy that is committed to assisting businesses solve climate change by executing sustainable business strategies that lead to: greater competitive advantage, increased customer loyalty and improved financial performance. Emerger Strategies is a proud member of 1% For the Planet, and donates 1% of its annual sales to a variety of environmental nonprofits working to solve the climate crisis.

If you would like to learn more, please visit: www.emergerstrategies.com, or if your business would like to join the Fly Fishing Climate Alliance, please email [email protected]


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