If You Gotta Wear a Mask, Why Not Wear a Trout?


Trout Unlimted has produced a limited supply of special “Trout Skin” face coverings.  With a donation of $37.50 (which includes shipping and handling), you’ll receive a set of 3 designs—brook trout, rainbow trout and brown trout.  They’re 2-ply over the nose and mouth area, and shorter than usual neck gaiters.  Mind you, these are not hospital-grade masks, rather the type we’ve been asked to wear in the grocery store (or if you’re sharing a boat with someone).  They’re cool, comfortable, machine washable and very fishy looking.

What’s more, with every set of masks purchased, TU will be donating a set to either a TU Business-affiliated fishing guide or a student who will be required to wear a mask in class. Please see www.tu.org/masks to order.


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