Proposed wind farm could (literally) overshadow some of the world’s most iconic trout waters


Penstock Lagoon, located in the center of the Australian island-state of Tasmania, is steeped in angling tradition, and was one of the competition sites for the 2019 FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship  But as Tasmania endeavors to broaden the allure of its unique fly-fishing heritage and trout fishing resources to traveling anglers throughout the world (when they are actually able to travel), a proposed wind-energy farm by Sydney-based energy developer Epuron threatens to cast a shadow over all that.  The St Patricks Plains wind farm would be in close proximity, potentially diminishing the angling appeal of Penstock and perhaps other waters.  While we at Angling Trade are all for renewable energy, in this case, building the turbines where they are proposed would be to fly fishing, what constructing turbines immediately adjacent to Pebble Beach Golf Links, or Augusta National (or Royal Melbourne) would mean to golf. Great idea… wrong place.  To honor the fly-fishing appeal of the region, and maintain the tourism potential, we would respectfully encourage those involved with the project to consider slight alterations in placement.  Angling Trade will continue to monitor and report on the situation, and we will promote travel to Tasmania when the time is once again right.  It is one of the most angling-focused, and ecologically-conscious places on the planet.  We hope that balance continues.


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  1. This is a cause the world needs to be behind. Do solar instead it better anyway. We were fortunate to go to Tasmania last year for the worlds and it is a place like no other.

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