Hate to say we told you so but… we told you so.  (And actually, we don’t hate saying we told you so because the news is good.)


When the Today Show runs a piece on why fishing has become the hottest new pandemic sport, you know things are blowing up for fishing in a good way.

Angling Trade said good things should be coming in the early days of the shutdown  and we’ve been reinforcing that all along.

The questions now are 1) are you tapping into the phenomenon as much as you can (most of whom we speak with say sales are way up), 2) which of your suppliers are doing the best job of helping you seize the moment (and seizing the moment themselves), and 3) what is the sport going to do as a whole to maintain momentum from this down the road?

We’ll be digging for answers.  Stay tuned.


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  1. This is perhaps our biggest failing as an industry is our inability to have a national organization take fly fishing recruitment seriously. There is a lot of great local efforts but in terms of a national recruitment program it just does not exist.

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