Korkers shines with “Terror Ridge”


What I like about the Terror Ridge is that while the boot still seems remarkably lightweight it feels a bit beefier (in a good way) than, say, the Devils Canyon which is one of my favorite boots ever. The laces let you get it tighter than the BOA system stuff IMO, and this boot has a firm and comfortable fit with a heel locking system. -T.R.

Here’s what Korkers says:

Last fall, Korkers footwear celebrated a milestone of 60 years in business with the launch of their newest performance wading boot, the Terror Ridge.  Named after the one of the most rugged and challenging sections of Oregon’s North Umpqua River, Korkers new Terror Ridge™ boot is designed to masterfully maneuver through challenging & adverse terrain.  Korkers is proud to debut the Terror Ridge available in stores beginning in Janurary, 2020.

“Our design philosophy this season was inspired by going back to our roots on the North Umpqua River where some of the most challenging wading conditions on the planet exist,” says Director of Product Creation Jacob Haddad.  “Scrambling and traversing across extreme and uneven terrain is the price of admission our core users pay before they cast a line in the water. In order to better meet those needs we have designed the Terror Ridge to be the perfect intersection where agility meets support with features that offer a tailored fit and customized support.”

Korkers Terror Ridge features a unique and dynamic heel locking system that provides a secure fit at the heel and ankle with just the right amount of give for agile flexibility.  The robust protection and support come from molded toe and heel counters, structured collar, and an enhanced EVA midsole resulting in a boot that protects from every angle. The upper features a unique quarter panel that allows water to drain quickly and shorten dry times. The Terror Ridge™ offers guide-level performance and is backed with an extended two-year warranty.  This performance package wouldn’t be complete without Korkers proprietary Omnitrax Interchangeable Sole System that gives you more traction options than any other wading boot in the industry. MSRP: $179.99


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