Product Review YETI Roadie 24 Hard Cooler ($200;


Now that we all dig the cool-keeping performance and durability of rotomolded coolers (they keep ice longer!), the game centers around functionality.  Different shapes, different sizes for different uses.  I sat and wondered what made the Roadie 24 any better than the Roadie 20.  “Okay… a little more capacity (20%).  Yeah… I like the gray color… Says here it’s 10% lighter than the other Roadie…”

And as I started to take notes, I sat my drink on top of the Roadie 24 that was next to my chair.  “Hmmmm… a perfect height for that… a perfect end table for the camp chairs!”  Then I did one better.  I sat on it.  “Hmmmm… the perfect height for a that (turns out you can even get a cushion for it)!  “I eventually put it on a stand-up paddleboard, which became a sit-down paddleboard that was easier to fish off of… dang… perfect!”  It’s a jump seat for a drift boat too!  The more I played around with it, the more I appreciated it for its dimensions than anything else.

Until I realized I could fit a bottle of champagne, standing straight up, and packed in ice, inside this cooler, no problem.  This was a big engineering and design win for Yeti.  Seriously.  If you’re going to invest in another cooler at some point—or if you only buy one—I’d look hard at this one because it’s the most functional model in any lineup I’ve seen.  -KD


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