New Product Release from HydraPak


From HydraPak:

The new HydraPak Flux Flexible Bottle (available in 1.5-liter and 1-liter options) offers a new take on outdoor water bottles and provide an alternative to traditional reservoirs.

The Flux was developed in an effort to provide an alternative solution to single-use plastic in the field and reduce the space and weight taken up by traditional hard bottles. Constructed to be free-standing with dual-layer TPU film laminate, and added embossed RF-welded soft walls that provide grip texture for ease of holding. The spill-proof twist cap allows for one-handed drinking and the wide opening is compatible with all 42mm threaded filters for easy refill in the backcountry. When empty, the Flux flattens, rolls and stows into the bail handle taking up minimal space in your pack.

MSRP $25/20, weight 3.4 oz and 2.7 oz.


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