New 50th Anny “Paradigm” from T&T is All About Presentation


We already told you how much we like the new Paradigm rod from Thomas & Thomas.  There’s also a souped up version to celebrate the company’s 50th.

The details…

50th Anniversary Paradigm

1969 was a special year: man first set foot on the moon, it was the year of Woodstock and the birth of Thomas & Thomas. To celebrate our 50th anniversary, T&T is offering a limited edition Paradigm 905-4 rod until May 9th 2020.

The ultimate presentation rod. 

Ask a group of experienced anglers to name the greatest dry fly rod of all time, and the T&T Paradigm is sure to be mentioned more than once. Over twenty years later, we’ve followed the same inspiration that made the original into a legend to create a new Paradigm for the 21st century.

While the advance of technology has pushed the limits of rod weight, line speed and casting distance, the essence of stalking a rising trout and presenting the fly remains unchanged. With this in mind, we set out to capture the unique feel that made the original Paradigm fly rods such a magical instrument.

9 foot, 5 weight, 4 piece Anniversary Edition with extra tip.

• Lightweight Titanium Alloy Single Foot REC guides
• Titanium stripping guide with Titanium Nitride coated Zirconium insert
• Matte Titanium finish roll-stamped hardware
• AAA Gunstock grade Walnut spacers
• Beautiful new semi-gloss blue surface finish • Hand-written logo, serial numbers, and additional visual accents
• Ultra-light rods with smooth, medium flex action for exceptional presentations
• Extra tip section included
• SRP $1,250.00


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