TU Releases Progress Report


There are a lot of great conservation organizations out there that do fantastic work to help fly fishing. Support as many as you can.

But when it comes to actually getting stuff done like taking out dams… fixing and protecting habitat… making water cleaner and more fishable… mitigating the effects of climate change… well, it’s pretty astounding just how much Trout Unlimited does. Now with a $54 million annual budget (did you know it was that big? And 87% of that goes right into programs…) last year alone TU protected over a half million acres of land and over 1,000 miles of river. It reconnected and/or restored nearly another 1,000 miles of trout rivers nationwide.

Check out the report here.  Please share it with your community and encourage them to be members. If you aren’t already a TU business member, please contact Walt Gasson at [email protected].

We can do more together next year and beyond. We will have to…


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