Russ Miller sent me a bunch of tippet spools to play around with this fall. I dig… and I mean really dig… what Umpqua has done with the coatings it is using on new tippets. I’m particularly fond of the Phantom X fluoro, because I like how the knots slide and seat easier. I also like the new mono because it lasts better throughout a day of fishing, especially on days when I pull on more than a few fish. I think Umpqua is definitely onto something here, but I’ll let Russ explain it all in this video. KD



  1. Jamie Freeman on

    I’ve toyed around with this tippet who I received from a good friend of mine, compared it to other premium offerings on the market… I wasn’t blown away with it. It’s a decent product but, other than upping the labeling game it’s not drastically different from what else is already on the market.

    Between Cortland’s Ultra Premium, Fulling Mill’s Master Class and SA’s new offering… I don’t think much can compare.

    My two cents!

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