IFTD Update: Double Haul for Dorian Relief


The northern islands for the Bahamas are still very much suffering from the effects of Hurricane Dorian.  Many in this industry have already done a lot to aid the relief effort, but much, much more is needed.  Go here to learn more about the coalition involving AFFTA, The Yellow Dog Community & Conservation Foundation, Angling Trade, and many others.

Also be sure to check out the online auction site that is raising money for the cause. 

You can still add auction items, trips, etc., to pitch in, and you are also certainly welcome to bid on items, and encourage your customers to do the same.

“This effort represents the finest of the industry banding together for all the right reasons, with great effect,” said Jim Klug of Yellow Dog.  “We’re nearing $400,000 raised and expect to reach $500,000, but this is going to be a multi-year recovery.”


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