Fishpond Welcomes Tacky Fly Storage Systems Into the Family


From Fishpond:

We are proud to announce that Tacky will now operate under the Fishpond brand. The purchase will lend Fishpond’s design and distribution capabilities to Tacky’s growing line of products and extend its legacy of innovative fly storage systems.

The acquisition fits seamlessly into Fishpond’s mission to provide uncompromising function, style, and authenticity to the fly fishing community through thoughtfully designed products. For years, Tacky has been the first-to-market with innovative silicone fly storage systems, earning 6 IFTD Best of Show awards.

As a BCorp and industry leader in environmentally responsible design, Fishpond is introducing recycled materials into the composition of the 2020 lineup of fly storage systems, as well as new colors, packaging, and a new range of sizes.

As we look to the future, the Tacky founders and team, including Tim Jenkins, Shaun Curtis, Eric Aston, and Ki Aston will continue to work with Fishpond in developing new products and exciting opportunities.

“Our companies are built on the principle of doing more for our communities, for our industry, and for the places we all cherish. We quickly realized that we could be more impactful in the most important ways if we partnered together in everything that we do,” said Tim Jenkins, President of Tacky Fly Fishing.

“Most significantly though, we are anxious to undertake the important work of being leaders not just in product design, but also in impacting the world around us through environmental awareness, charitable outreach, and helping others find joy in the sport we all love.”

Both brands have an extensive history of disrupting the industry with products and features never before seen in the market. Since each company’s inception, the singular mission has been to enhance our  customer’s experience on the water. Fishpond will build on the foundation Tacky has created to provide exceptional quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility to the angler who demands nothing less.

“The heartbeat of our line of products has just been amplified with the acquisition of Tacky. With their leadership in design, we were excited to find ways to collaborate and bring our collective assets under the Fishpond organization,” said John Le Coq, Founder, and CEO of Fishpond. “We share a creative spirit and a dedication to bringing new ideas and designs to the market.”

Fishpond’s 2020 lineup will include 9 redesigned storage systems, including
the Fly Dock, Original, Original 2X, Day Pack, Day Pack 2X, Dry Fly, Catch-All, Big Bug, and Flydrophobic Fly Boxes.

Please contact Fishpond’s Director of Marketing, Jack Reis, at 303-534-3474 for more information.


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