Mine Tailings facility announced closer to Boundary Waters Watershed


From Sportsmen For the Boundary Waters:

Twin Metals Minnesota has announced new plans to dry stack it’s acid-generating mine tailings less than a quarter-mile from the Boundary Waters. The technology does not exist to guarantee protection of the BWCA from byproducts of sulfide-ore copper mining – period. The take-away from today’s announcement is that Twin Metals plans to build a tailings basin even closer to the BWCA, in the Boundary Waters watershed, directly upstream from lakes we know and love.

One thing is clear: This project has gone too far.

Tell Congress the Boundary Waters are too important to risk by sending a message here.

Like we’ve said all along, no safeguard from this type of mining would prevent pollution or negative impacts to the BWCA, the fish and wildlife it contains or the small businesses that depend on the Boundary Waters. This project still presents an unacceptable risk to the Boundary Waters, our outdoor traditions and future generations who will benefit from the BWCA.

This project has gone on far too long – it’s time for our statewide elected officials to stand for Boundary Waters protection and Minnesota’s public land.

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For the Boundary Waters,
Lukas Leaf
Executive Director
Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters


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