Snowbee USA Company Introduction


From Snowbee:

First introduced to the UK market in 1984, when the original range of Lightweight PVC Waders were distributed by the company, Snowbee has grown considerably to include a full range of fly fishing gear and accessories, and with distribution partners in over 30 countries worldwide including New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Russia, Scandinavia and most of Europe.

What helps make Snowbee fly fishing unique today however, is that the product design and development has been inspired by feedback from anglers all over the world. Then, a small team of dedicated designers with over 125 years of collective fly fishing experience at the U.K office in Plymouth, develops products that really work as intended and required, including Single-handed trout fly fishing, 2-handed Salmon Spey fishing, Saltwater Fly Fishing, International Competition and of course Fly Tying and all the other associated aspects of fly fishing.

Today, a very modern range of equipment, using the very latest technology and materials make up this range, which is constantly reviewed and developed as a company policy of continuous improvement in an industry renowned for innovation. The company’s aim as always is to equip the progressive, modern day angler from head to toe, with affordable, top quality clothing, tackle and accessories.

Starting 2018, Snowbee USA was established at Southern California, looking to provide the American fly anglers our selections of fly fishing equipment and accessories, including our well known XS Fly Lines manufactured in the U.K. XS Fly Lines offer a large variety of line types and weights including the worlds only multi-weight Thisledown2 Fly Line. Other unique products for the US market include SFT waterproof neoprene glove that can be worn while fishing, CAMO monofilament tippets that are completely stealthy, STX breathable waders with comfortable suede like surface, plus a selection of Vest Pack, Chest Pack and travel gear with unique new designs.

Recently, Maxine McCormick, Women’s World Casting Champion, won the Top Gun competition at the Wasatch Fly Fishing Show in Utah using our Prestige 9ft 5wt rod for the accuracy casting portion of the competition against both the men’s and women’s previous years champions!! Congratulations and thank you Maxine!!!

The 2019 portfolio is without a doubt the best ever in the company’s history, fueled by a constant desire to design and a new emphasis on providing women’s gear and the best possible products available, we are introducing the new revolutionary Prestige G-XS fly rods, new Spectre RMX Fly rods with Microwave guide technology, new easy and long casting Spectre Fly Lines, new XS-Plus Gold leader material, and a complete update of STX and Ranger waders, and improved Nivalis down jacket, etc …… and if a product isn’t good enough for the team to use…. it doesn’t make the catalog.

As always, Snowbee offers exceptional value and performance supported by Snowbee’s renowned and outstanding customer service. All Snowbee products carry a one-year factory warranty against defects and all Snowbee fly rods carry a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. We hope you’ll include Snowbee in your equipment selections.



  1. Just read your piece on “Summer of Love”. Right on! I spent my young adulthood in The Republic of Boudler in the late 60s & early 70s.. It was the best of times, Free love and all that went with it! Your right! Its what this world needs now. Keep the faith baby and preach it every chance you get. Peace.

  2. Great piece! Heard of Snowbee before but had no idea they had been around for this long. Very interesting

  3. Snowbee has recently popped up in my radar. Their down jacket seems to be very promising and I keep hearing about this multi 2-5 weight line that they offer. Very curious to try this out. Seems to be ideal for hiking and backpacking, something flexible I could use for streams and stillwater without having to lug around extra reels/rods.

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