ICROSS® is a product that quickly, easily and safely allows fishermen to cross watercourses, reach an island and thereby reach new fishing grounds. It’s also amazing for bird hunting and photographers….. – ICROSS® will bring major changes to how people can simplify their leisure interests, says Adam Westerman, fly fisherman and innovator.

I’m really not an entrepreneur, says Adam. I am more fly fisherman and have always loved to walk a little beside the most stepped paths along the rivers.

And it was just with these values that Adam started sketching on his ICROSS. – There are so many fishing spots that we seldom or never get access to. This is because they lie on the other side of the river or are best fished from an island or a shallow. Certainly I have tried boats, canoes, bellyboats and similar products, but they are simply not adapted for that area of use.

After several prototypes and a great deal of attention to detail, four models of ICROSS have now been developed.

ICROSS is  made with Drop Stitch, which is used among other things for SUP boards. – It is a special technique that makes the product inflatable but at the same time rock hard and incredibly durable. You wear it either under your arm or with a harness on your back.

ICROSS is available in four different models. Our bestseller, named ICROSS 1610, measures 63x37x8 inches inflated, and is adapted for weights up to 352 pounds and weighs only 18 pounds.

The recommended price for ICROSS is from 415 – 800 USD.

CROSS is currently sold in Europe. We are looking for a good partner who wants to start selling the products in the North America, where we believe the potential is great. ICROSS also comes with: Powerful double-action pump, repair kit, removable fin.

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