Tariffs add excessive burden to the fly fishing industry

In response to the Administration’s action to increase tariffs on goods from China, AFFTA president, Ben Bulis, released this statement:

“The backbone of the fly fishing industry is small- to mid-sized business. Locally-owned and employing local people. From specialty retail shops, guides and outfitters to the manufacturers who develop and produce the gear that they rely on for their livelihood, we are a significant part of our nation’s powerful and growing outdoor economy, contributing more than $1 billion annually.

This increase in tariffs, on top of the already harmful tariffs imposed over the past 10 months, will only make it more difficult and costly for our industry’s businesses and the local economies that rely on them to stay viable. The increase will further stifle innovation, force unfair and highly expensive production changes, inhibit the free market and freeze, or worse, cut employment.

Even further, this increase will saddle American consumers, including over 10 million fly anglers, with the true pass-through cost of the tariffs above-and-beyond the $69 billion they’ve already paid over the last 10 months in the form of significantly more expensive goods and services.

We call on this Administration to reach a trade agreement as quickly as possible that will end this unfair and unnecessary threat to an immensely valuable small business sector and an undeniably strong and growing outdoor economy. The livelihoods of hardworking Americans should not be used as a bargaining chip.”

AFFTA advocates for and promotes the sustained growth of the fly fishing industry. By igniting consumer demand for products and services, providing businesses the tools to be successful, and advocating for access, protection and restoration of fishing waters, we will continue to enhance the passion and profitability of the sport of fly fishing.

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