New UNI-Thread 3/0 Purple and Light Orange


From UNI-Products:

UNI-Products, a world leader in the supply of spooled fly-tying materials, announces the addition of two new colors : Purple and Light Orange to their very popular UNI-Thread 3/0 line. The Purple and the Light Orange adds to the versatility of the existing lineup: Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Fluorescent Chartreuse, Gray, Green, Iron Gray. Light Blue, Light Cahill, Olive, Olive Dun, Orange, Pink, Red, Rusty Brown, Tan, White, Wine and Yellow. Tiers now have twenty-one colors at their disposal to match the hatch or achieve the affect they want. Available on spools of 50 yards and 100 yards, waxed and un-waxed. Tiers can also take advantage of the popular 20-spool combo pack.


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