Outdoor Professionals Third Hand Rod Holder Kickstarter Campaign Fully Funded


From O’Pros:

Have you ever had a time when you were out on the water fishing, then needed to dig through your gear to find a new fly to tie on? Or, how about you just landed the fish of a lifetime, obviously you need to get a quick picture, but your hands are full with the net, your rod, and the fish. You could really use an extra hand.

The O’Pros Third Hand Rod Holder has you covered. This convenient rod holder clips securely onto your wading belt or pack and gives you the quick access third hand you always need. With the ability to rotate the rod holder, the Third Hand is perfect for all fishing styles and situations. It will even carry a second rod for you.

The Third Hand Rod Holder also pairs perfectly with O’Pros new premium, full print, neoprene wading belts. These are offered in 2 color ways of fish camo and 1 topographic fish pattern. They look and feel great.

Outdoor Professionals was founded by three bearded brothers from Wisconsin and they need your help! These products are available right now on their Kickstarter page. Give them your support, and get your own rod holder and wading belt by simply backing their campaign.


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