Fly Fishing Hook Highlight: The Kona Universal Strong Streamer (USS)


From Kona:

Use the Kona USS for tying flies to withstand even the toughest freshwater and saltwater angling situations.

Ultra-sharp high-carbon steel and a resistant black-nickel finish take this popular and proven 3X strong OÕShaughnessy streamer hook style to the next level. These all-round hooks are ideal for bonefish, tarpon, striped bass, and many other species.

Specs: Multi-purpose streamer, bonefish & tarpon fly; black-nickel finish, barbed, straight eye, standard length, 3X strength, OÕShaughnessy bend, ultra sharp, high-carbon steel, forged.

Compares to: Gamakatsu SL11-3H.

Look for the USS at your local fly shop and online from our retail partners.


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