AT E-Survey: Are our rivers being loved to death?


One could argue that some of our rivers are being “loved to death.”  In the interest of making the fishing better for everyone, how would you feel about giving rivers a little more rest?  That could take the form of closing down for a few weeks or months (likely during the winter, or the spawn) where the fishing is now open all year… that could be disallowing the use of split-shot for a certain mile or so of river… making stream temperature closures more stringent and enforcing them… limiting the number of boats permitted to launch on a certain day… whatever.

The question is, simply, would you consider testing the concept of “resting” rivers on a very limited basis to see if the fishing can get better?

Are our rivers being "loved to death"?

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  1. Chris Stewart on

    I’m sure the data already exist for many of your suggestions. For example, New York closes streams to trout fishing in the winter. Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania don’t. I suspect all three states do angler surveys. Perhaps some Fisheries Science grad student needing a thesis topic could analyze the data and write it up.

    Also, be careful what you wish for. Boating groups could take a cue and try to limit the number of fishermen on their favorite rivers. They have just as much right to the rivers as fishermen.

    No split shot? No lead shot I could understand and support. No split shot is just elitist. How about equal river mileage (and equal QUALITY river mileage) for no dry flies? Sound fair?

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