Washington state considers excise tax on outdoor gear…


But a hunting or fishing license will get consumers off the hook.

The state of Washington is considering a house bill HB 2122 that would impose an excise tax on outdoor goods. HB 2122 is a bipartisan bill that would generate funds for the state’s wildlife efforts.

  • Creation of tax on rec equipment and apparel that is 2/10 of one percent on selling price at retail
  • Outdoor rec equipment is defined as hiking, camping, watersports, etc. and looks like it limited to equipment valued over $200
  • Excludes firearms, bikes, motorized vehicles, apparel valued at over $200
  • Exemption for those who present a hunting or fishing license at time of purchase
  • Additional use tax of 2/10 of one percent
  • The money would be deposited in the state wildlife account

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