Rep Your Water Announces Commercial Film Contest


From RepYourWater:

We are proud sponsors of the 2nd Annual Public Land Owner Film Fest put on by our friends and conservation partner Backcountry Hunters and Anglers! The Film Fest returns to the 8th Annual BHA North American Rendezvous, May 1-4, 2019, in Boise, Idaho! This is your chance to showcase your abilities on the big screen! Anyone can enter and all are encouraged to participate.

#1 – Advocacy and Issues: make a video highlighting threatened public land or water – or film yourself interviewing people about their favorite public land! Creativity is encouraged. Prize TBD.

#2 – Skills: Do you know the best way to get your fly out of tree? Can you skin a squirrel in 10 seconds? Show us how to do it! Prize TBD

#3 – General: This one is up to you. Perform a skit with your friends, make a hunting mockumentary, or even film a solo hunt. This one has no limits so get creative! Prize TBD.

#4 – Corporate Partner Commercial: Twenty of our corporate partners have each offered an amazing prize package for the best 30 second commercial promoting their brand! Make the best commercial and see it on the big screen at the Rendezvous. Check out all the prizes you can win below!

Check out the prizes and more info here!


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