AFFTA Statement on Catch and Release



As the sole trade organization for the fly fishing industry, it’s our responsibility to take a leadership role in establishing or, in this case, promoting policies and practices that help ensure the health and longevity of our sport, our fisheries, and the business of fly fishing.

One such practice is the responsible landing, handling and release of fish, which our conservation partner, Keepemwet Fishing, has been doing the yeoman’s work to make a ubiquitous part of our industry’s ethos. Catch & Release, while widely known in its general sense throughout the fly and conventional angling communities, is an aspect of our sport that we feel needs greater industry- and community-wide visibility, as well as a better understanding of the practical, scientifically-based reasons why we should be putting these principles into practice.

Please take some time to read our Statement on Catch & Release and also visit Keepemwet Fishing for even more comprehensive insights and information.


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