Yakima Introduces Heavy Duty Collection for 2019

From Yakima:
Keeping in step with both vehicle and gear trends, Yakima Racks, an industry leader in vehicle racks and cargo solutions for almost 40 years, is introducing its most rugged collection yet in 2019.
Truck_hero_small.jpgCentral to its 2019 line is the new HD Truck Rack Collection. Built for the back roads and tested to Yakima’s new Off-Road Rated standards, the heavy-duty rack collection includes three different systems: OverHaul HD, OutPost HD and BedRock HD. Each easily converts almost any truck into a gear-hauling machine.
Also debuting in 2019 are the SkyRise HD, the new ruggedized version of Yakima’s popular rooftop tent; the HangOver, the brand’s first vertical bike rack, the EasyRider, a versatile lightweight trailer that carries up to 500 lbs of gear, and the SkinnyWarrior, a new size of the best-selling cargo basket designed to create more roof rack space to carry other gear.
“Vehicle owners, and truck owners in particular, are continuing to ask more from their vehicles,” said Garrett Barnum, Category Director at Yakima. “Our 2019 products are designed for all types of heavy duty users, from the active outdoorsman to the rugged overland adventurer to the DIY weekend warrior. The new collection was designed and tested to meet our new exclusive Off-Road Rated standards. Not only are they incredibly versatile and easy to install, they are also super robust and ready to transport gear anywhere, on or off the road.”
Spring 2019 Products
HD Truck Rack Collection
Get ready to push the limits of the “work hard, play hard” mantra. Yakima’s new HD Truck Collection represents the first set of products to be awarded Yakima’s new Off-Road Rated testing standard designation. Built with maximum functionality and versatility in mind, the three different rack systems – OverHaul HD, OutPost HD and BedRock HD – include adjustable heights, tonneau cover compatibility and a new, widely compatible heavy-duty crossbar (sold separately).
OverHaul HD
For weekend adventures and hardworking weekdays, the new OverHaul HD adjustable truck rack brings best-in-class payload and unmatched versatility. Leveraging Yakima’s new HD Bars for a 500 lb. on-road carrying capacity and paired with 300 lb. Off-Road rating, the OverHaul HD is the ideal foundation for heavy loads. Multiple tie-down points and the ability to fit most truck beds with the heavy duty BedGrip™ clamp design—including select tonneau covers—make this an ultra-functional rack that works and plays hard.
The crossbar height can easily be adjusted from 19-30 inches: way up for long loads to go over the cab; down low to get the rack and load down out of the wind; and an infinite number of positions in between.
The system is easy to take on and off the truck in minutes, with the Patent Pending QuickChange™ rack attachment, so the trucks only racked up when needed. The OverHaul HD fits all of Yakima’s new HD crossbar sizes and accepts SideBars for attaching off-road and utility accessories. MSRP: $700
OutPost HD
Designed to handle heavy loads on backcountry terrain, the OutPost HD is built for rugged overland adventures. The mid-height design provides a low center of gravity, easy accessibility to gear, and the perfect platform for the SkyRise rooftop tent. The engineered aluminum construction delivers an unmatched 500lb on-road carrying capacity, and is Yakima Off-Road Rated up to 300lbs. And it’s the foundation for a fully loaded overland rack system. Pair the OutPost with the HD Bar length that best fits the bed and gear, then add Yakima SideBars, mounts and accessories to outfit any truck for every adventure. MSRP: $500
BedRock HD
Sleek and strong, the BedRock HD’s low-profile design, 300 lb. on-road and 180 lb. Off-Road ratings deliver an aerodynamic system that carries bikes, skis, kayaks, or cargo boxes above the bed while preserving valuable cooler-carrying capacity underneath. Leveraging the new Yakima HD Bars, the BedRock HD provides strength and security, easily accessible tie-down points, and T-slot attachment capability that makes adding gear mounts a breeze. MSRP: $240
HD Crossbar
Yakima’s burliest crossbar ever, the HD Bar, is the go-to for heavy loads, rugged terrain, and maximum utility. It delivers the muscle that Yakima’s new truck racks demand, and works with all Yakima StreamLine towers when extra strength is required. The engineered aluminum construction delivers superior support without weighing things down, integrated tie-down points simplify load security, and the T-slot attachment technology makes adding gear mounts super-quick and simple. Available in multiple sizes, from 55” to 78”. MSRP: $249
HD Truck Accessories 
The new collection of HD accessories allows truck owners to customize and expand their racks even further:
Recovery Track Mount ($109); Rotopax Mounting Kit ($29); SideBar, Short Bed ($219); SideBar, Long Bed ($269); Bed Track Kit 1 ($110); Tonneau Kit 1 ($110); HD Hook Straps ($39); Wear Strip ($29); LoadStop T-slot ($79), EyeBolts ($29); LadderRoller ($89)
Introducing the HangOver, the first vertical bike rack to meet the Yakima’s demanding testing standards.
Tested in the lab and on the road, the HangOver safely hauls up to six mountain bikes to the trailhead. Perfect for group rides, big families and tour operators, the HangOver’s vertical orientation carries more bikes in less space, and its easy-to-operate tilt mechanism makes accessing the tailgate a breeze.
Available in four- and six-bike capacities, the HangOver securely holds any bike with a suspension fork. Soft padding protects the fork’s finish, and rotating wheel cups accommodate bikes with a variety of wheelbases. The HitchLock secures the rack to the vehicle and, of course, Yakima’s signature bottle opener is built in.
MSRP: $799 (6-bike); $599 (4-bike)
SkyRise HD 
The SkyRise HD is the hub of the ultimate mobile base camp, and with a roomier geometry, improved four-season weather protection and enhanced durability, the newest version of Yakima’s popular rooftop tent brings more of everything for 2019.
The tent’s geometry has been revised to deliver more usable space, plus expanded windows, doors, and skylights that provide grander views and better ventilation. The tent body is made from a thicker 600D Ripstop Poly fabric and an added layer of 3000mm waterproof PU coating. The t rainfly is 210D Ripstop Poly with a 3000mm PU coating – providing four-season weather protection. A burlier floor material ups the tent’s durability. Floor-mounted d-rings and guy points make it easier to hang gear and guy out the tent for a secure pitch in windy conditions, and a new ladder design makes it easier to adjust for various vehicle and ground heights.
Adventurers can customize the SkyRise HD with Yakima’s collection of rooftop tent accessories.
MSRP: $1749 (SkyRise HD Small), $2199 (SkyRise HD Medium)
Introducing Yakima’s new master hauler: the EasyRider multi-sport trailer. With two levels and 500 lbs. of carrying capacity, the EasyRider hauls up to three fishing kayaks or recreational kayaks up top, with room underneath for coolers and gear. Together with the new BigCatch – the first universal kayak saddle strong enough to handle heavy fishing kayaks and sit-on-tops – it’s the complete package for the kayak angler on the move, and it’s also the perfect base for the SkyRise rooftop tent, creating an instant travel trailer.
Equipped with Yakima’s widest, burliest bars, it accepts any Yakima gear mount. A smart handle for use as a handcart, and the aluminum construction is strong and light. Storage is easy—just fold in the tongue and roll it out of the way. MSRP: $2,999
EasyRider accessories include the SpareTire, which easily attaches to the trailer’s frame so the spare is always there if needed ($199), and the TentKit, which creates a level platform for the SkyRise rooftop tent ($199).
A true warrior, the new SkinnyWarrior cargo basket is built from rugged, weather-resistant steel and includes a fairing to reduce drag and wind noise. A sleek addition to Yakima’s cargo basket collection, this is a great load-and-go addition for a multi-sport rooftop system. Use the SkinnyWarrior to haul coolers and firewood, and save space to add bikes, boats, boards, or even a SkyRise rooftop tent. MSRP: $349
Accessories include the SkinnyWarrior Extension ($119) for wrangling even more gear with 16” of additional space, and the StretchNet Skinny ($39), which is designed for the SkinnyWarrior with or without extension and keeps loose gear safe and secure, even on bumpy back roads.
About Yakima
Yakima Products, Inc. is a world leader in vehicle racks and cargo solutions for a variety of consumers, from outdoor enthusiasts to car aficionados. The company offers variety of cargo management products, including racks for bikes, boats, ski equipment and other gear, cargo boxes and bags, roof top tents and awnings, and high performance multi-sport trailers. Yakima Products, Inc. is headquartered in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

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