Sandy Moret Looks to the Future for Now or Neverglades


From Now or Neverglades:

Thanks a ton for your overwhelming support voicing dismay, anger and distrust over the SFWMD’s extension of the sugar farming leases on lands projected for use in the EAA Southern Reservoir. I received many emails from supporters offering suggestions and asking questions about how else to help and what can be done.

Many, many friends asked if a suit could be brought over the lease extensions or massive losses to tourism, businesses, fish, wildlife, commercial fisheries and real estate values caused by the toxic discharges. Please believe me, all our founding members are looking at all options day and night to salvage Florida’s waters, the Everglades, Florida Bay, the Caloosahatchee and St Lucie River watersheds. One of Now or Neverglades’ supporting organizations, Florida Wildlife Federation has filed suit at this time.

Regardless of whether SFWMD actions were legal or not, they exhibited a great disregard for Floridians, ignoring requests by many concerned organizations, individuals, the incoming Governor Ron DeSantis, and Congressman Brian Mast. They also expressed no interest in hearing more opinions from you by blocking incoming emails you may have sent on or after November 29th if you used Now or Neverglades easy tool to communicate with them.

So, what’s next for 2019? I can assure you the Now or Neverglades coalition will continue to focus on the science based solution of building a dynamic southern reservoir, creating filtration marshes and sending clean fresh water south at the same time reducing toxic discharges. We know this is not the only action needed, but it a must for restoration.

Many, many supporters have asked if they can help Now or Neverglades financially. We are not an organization, but a coalition of likeminded individuals and organizations who believe our solution is political. You can help by donating to our founding organizations who work tirelessly toward this end. Please consider help to these founders: Captains for Clean Water, Florida Bay Forever, Bullsugar, Everglades Trust, Everglades Foundation, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, Herman Lucerne Memorial and the International Game Fish Association. Your dollars will go a long way and their newsletters will keep you well informed.




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