Opportunity to Get Your Book on the Shelves


From Wild River Press:

My guess is you have a story to tell; everyone does. Why not tell it? Last year we began a new service called Wild River Custom Publishing. This newsletter features samples of several books we have recently helped various authors polish and produce

There is a rapidly growing interest in self-published books. A number of professional services have sprung up ostensibly offering help, but most offer what I call “cookie-cutter” books–severely limiting the format, the number of photos you can include, the quality of paper and binding, etc. Few provide more than superficial editorial help. They really don’t care where the em-dash goes.

We do care. Our Wild River Custom Publishing projects have ranged from memoirs created as Christmas gifts for friends and family; to limited editions awarded as special bonuses to donors funding conservation causes; to full-on commercially viable volumes one can proudly sell at book signings, at shows and events, and even on Amazon.

Our philosophy is: You choose. You decide. And the subject does not have to be fishing or hunting, although these themes are, obviously, what we are known for. Good writing is good writing, whatever the topic. That’s what real publishing is all about. That and quality graphic presentation. Here are some ideas for your book:

  • Collection of your original stories
  • Your travel photos and experiences
  • Your exceptional fishing or hunting records
  • Your boat, cars, guns, collections
  • Your kitchen and favorite dishes
  • Your bird photography
  • Biography or autobiography
  • Promotional piece showcasing your sporting lodge
  • Nostalgic look at your family and/or home
  • Your children’s sports or outdoor activities
  • History of an inside look at your company
  • History of your fishing and hunting club
  • Your hunting dogs, past and present

Partnering with Wild River Custom Publishing gives you a distinct advantage. Our long experience in publishing quality books will help you (and save you much frustration) every step of the way:

1. We will take your manuscript to the next level. Whatever it takes-crisp editing, rewriting, suggested additions or organization–I will personally help you say what you want to say in a lively, engaging and, of course, grammatically correct manner. Your writing will shine.

2. Depending on the project, we can arrange for professional photography and even original artwork.

3. Your book will look great. We will help you select a graphic designer to help you create a beautiful, visually impressive book you will cherish.

4. Guide you to an excellent printer here in the United States (or Canada) that delivers on time and stands by their work. This is vital–no shortcuts. We will lead you through a range of printing options to fit your budget and produce a book that pleases your taste: softcover, hardcover laminated, cloth hardcover with traditional jacket–even a fancy leather-bound heirloom production for your children and grandchildren if you’re in a mood to go all out.

Isn’t it time to tell your story?


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