Tasmania is the New “It” Place for Adventurous American Anglers


You’re going to be hearing a lot about Tasmania in the year ahead.  Part of that is because the World Fly Fishing Championship will be held in famous Tasmanian waters like the Meander and Mersey Rivers, Penstock Lagoon and Woods Lake.  The other part is that Americans are gradually starting to “discover” that this place  (actually the first place where brown trout were introduced from Europe, in 1864) combines history, and scenery, and incredible fishing challenges like nowhere else in the world.  In many ways, it’s a step beyond New Zealand (whose brown trout fishery was actually started with the offspring of Australian fish).  Arguably the most prolific shallow, still water fishery in the world (imagine your best dry-fly trout day meeting your favorite bonefishing day), it also offers some remarkable wild fish in intimate rivers. The fisheries management program is among the most progressive in the world. And the surrounding Tasmanian countryside is some of the most photogenic on the planet.  It’s an ideal place to mix fishing with other adventures with a spouse or friend, or just chill and enjoying food and drink in a safe, relaxed environment.  Expect Tassie to only grow in popularity as more word gets out.  (I’m on my way, as I write this, to help aid in that process myself…)

-Kirk Deeter

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