Updated Info on the Virginia Fly and Wine Festival


From Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival:

The 2019 Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival will feature an entire series of new and exciting classes taught by national experts from across the country. Because these classes are more in depth and cover a much broader range of knowledge, they will be held on Friday, the day before the festival officially begins.

First in this series of classes is Freestone First Aid with Nationally Registered Paramedic Mike Tayloe, owner of Finns West. This daylong class is perfect for guides or any serious angler who wants to learn about dealing with emergency situations that occur on the river. Students will learn practical skills and receive CPR training. Seating is very limited. For more information on this class, see our tickets section here.

Celebrated artist Dave Krupa returns to the festival in 2019! Dave’s distinctive talent to transport his wildlife art onto everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs means he has something for everyone. Shopping for a late Christmas present? Dave’s friendly manner will put you at ease as you sort through his many fine offerings, including his colorful trout prints.

New sponsors this year include Fish Partner and Reilly Rod Crafters. Be sure to thank them: our vendors make the festival possible!

New vendors include Strung Magazine, Ty-Rite, and Regal Vise. Welcome!

hanks to outreach efforts from industry leaders like Take Me Fishing and Orvis–and our broadly appealing Virginia and Texas festivals–women are entering the sport in larger numbers than ever before. In fact, the Virginia Fly & Wine and the Texas Fly & Brew can boast six times the national average of female attendees compared to other events.

Meet and learn from Debbie Hanson, pro-staffer for Reilly Rod Crafters, at the 2019 festival!

Fly fishing is the focal point of our festivals–but we ensure that non-anglers have plenty to do, too. In fact, some of our attendees who have never picked up a fly rod come for the curated food trucks and fine Virginia wine tasting! (Of course, we do our best to addict them to the sport through free walkup casting classes–but that’s another story entirely….)

The Old Dominion is famed for its great foodie scene as well as its wineries, breweries, and specialty cider makers. Where on earth to begin? Simple: Dine, Wine & Stein Magazine.

After sampling our curated food vendors, wine-tasting and classes, and our new seafood cooking classes, make your way to the DW&S booth to pick up the latest issue. And ask DW&S staffers for expert epicurean tips on the best food and beverage in Virginia!

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