Motorcycle Reel Test Redux… Calling All Challengers


Hey, reel-makers: We’re going to hit the streets once again with the “motorcycle reel test,” some 10 years after the original literally blew up on This went viral before anyone really understood what going viral meant with over 200k views on YouTube alone. And some companies claim it put their reels on the map.

Rules are simple. We tie a reel (through a rod) to the back of a motorcycle with 5X tippet. Then we hit the gas. We judge the reel on startup smoothness and drag performance. If we smoke it, we show everybody. If we love it, we tell everybody.

We’re looking for all challengers. If you send us a reel, we’ll give it a ride, and we’ll give you a ton of exposure in the process. They won’t be sent back. Contact [email protected] if you are interested.


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