Trump Tramples Protections and Effective Management of Rivers and Water Resources in the West


From American Rivers:

President Trump released a memo detailing plans to undermine protections for rivers and endangered species, curtail environmental reviews and hamper the ability of the public to participate in key decisions on water infrastructure projects in California, Oregon, Idaho and Washington.

Bob Irvin, President of American Rivers, released the following statement:

“President Trump is sowing conflict, while communities in the west want collaboration. The president is undermining state, local and tribal efforts to protect rivers and sustainably manage water resources in favor of loopholes, slipshod environmental reviews, and hasty, reckless decision-making for the benefit of dam operators and corporate interests. All of this will be at the expense of endangered species and communities and businesses across the west that rely on healthy rivers.”

“President Trump is out of step with how communities in the west are approaching water challenges. Communities want collaboration, not more environmental rollbacks or loopholes for industry. Across the west, farmers and fishermen are working hand in hand to ensure a future of thriving agriculture and abundant fisheries. They understand that the only way we’ll have healthy rivers and secure water supplies for farms and cities in the future is if we uphold environmental safeguards and work together around shared values.”

“Rivers are what make the west such a special place. They support vibrant local economies. They define the identity of local communities. They are emblematic of the region’s beauty and spirit. American Rivers will fight back against any attempts to undermine protections for our western rivers, and we will continue to support local efforts to protect and restore these rivers for generations to come.”


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