Before the Spill – A movie about Line Five, Oil, and the Great Lakes


Before the Spill from Adam Wells on Vimeo.

From Before the Spill: We have released the 5 minute short film at

Every day 23 million gallons of oil are pumped under the largest freshwater system on the planet, putting over 450 miles of shoreline and 100,000 acres of water at risk. The Great Lakes supply drinking water to 40 million people, provide crucial habitat to 47 species, and support a handful of multi-billion dollar industries. Line 5 expired fifteen years ago. It’s not a matter of if it spills, but when.

We worked with businesses, nonprofits, scientists, the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, and residents across the state to create Before the Spill, a film about Line 5, its risks, and the best path forward.

You can help us by watching the film, learning more about the issue, and voting this November to decommission Line 5 for good. Clean water is not a partisan issue. It’s a basic human right.

Please give it a watch to get up to speed on the current conversation surrounding the Line 5 issue in Michigan.

The drinking water for 40 million people is unnecessarily at risk due to an out-of-date oil pipeline running through the open waters of the Great Lakes.

Rather than use the State of Michigan’s legal authority to shut it down and truly protect the Great Lakes, in his final months of office Governor Rick Snyder is cutting a one-sided deal that keeps oil in the Great Lakes for decades to come. The benefits are overwhelmingly in favor of Enbridge the Canadian oil company and Michigan residents are done shouldering the risk.

One final note – Before the Spill was created by concerned citizens who believe this message needs to reach the residents of Michigan and the Midwest. The project was entirely self-funded with no commercial sponsorships or political contributions. If you’re able and willing, please consider supporting this grassroots activism by donating at


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