Redington: Meet the New Butter Stick


From Redington:

With school back in session, the busy months of summer fade into a distant memory. The once crowded rivers that felt overbooked, now have daily vacancies. The frantic pace of summer has come to an end. The cool mornings and even colder water temps force us to pull the waders out of their summer hibernation.

Fall brings a rejuvenating outlook on fishing, it reminds us why we picked up a fly rod in the first place. It reconnects us with that moment we first saw a fish eat our fly without a soul in sight to witness it. The new Butter Stick is the perfect complement to your fall fishing adventures, constructed on our Heritage Taper, it provides a smooth slow action feel for a relaxed casting stroke, perfect for casting to rising trout before the closer. It’s time to slow down and enjoy the fall season.


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