Jack-in-the-Bob: Orvis Sling Pack and Tacky Predator Box Review


A reminder that Angling Trade’s intern extraordinaire, Jack Nickens, worked all summer in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, guiding foremost… but also doing some product reviews for us on the side. Jack is out of the “BOB” but still has some thoughts on products he used this summer. Please stay tuned for more reviews…




Orvis Guide Sling Pack

What I liked:

When you have to bring everything from 8 inch streamers to size 20 gnats, as well as your raincoat and your clients, you are going to want a big bag with a bunch of pockets. The Orvis Guide Sling Pack has three exterior pockets which allows you to retrieve different pieces of your kit without fumbling through one dark-hole pocket. My favorite feature is the water bottle pouch on the bottom of the sling pack. While many people use this for water (understandably), I use it to hold my bear spray. While still easily and quickly accessible, it allows me to carry bear spray smartly, while keeping it out of the sight of bear-scared clients. Another great feature of the bag is the fly patch on the side of the bag. Having the fly patch somewhere other than the shoulder strap allows the patch to be larger and keeps the hooks on big streamers further away from your face.

What I would like to see:

While the bottom of the pack is water resistant, the rest of the pack is not. Including a waterproof pocket for your electronics would make me feel much more comfortable throwing my phone and GPS in my pack. I always got nervous when wading out deep to net a finicky fish.

Tacky Predator Box

What I liked:

Not every fly box can hold 30+ eight inch streamers. The Tacky Predator Box is one that can with ease. After hastily choosing a fly and tying it on, there is no part of my that worries if there is styrofoam on the hook, as the silicon inserts hold the flies securely. A great feature of this box is the powerful magnetic closure. I don’t need to worry about this box opening and dumping my flies in the bottom of my bag when I toss it in there.

What I would like to see:

Being able to carry so many streamers comes with a price: weight. This box is not a great walk/wade box as it weighs in at a little over 1.3 pounds with no flies.


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