Jack-in-the-Bob: Eyewear Roundup


A reminder that Angling Trade’s intern extraordinaire, Jack Nickens, is working away in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, guiding foremost… but also doing some product reviews for us on the side. We have a pretty full slate lined up for him already, so please stay tuned for more reviews. Here’s his latest…

Sunglasses are one of, if not the, most important piece of gear a fishing guide owns. Whether protecting yourself form the sun, or 2/o hooks flying inches from your face, sunglasses keep us safe.

Smith Barra

If you’re looking for glasses that can go from trout-to-town, then look no further than Smith’s Barra. I have walked back into the lodge with these glasses on my face numerous times because I have forgotten I was wearing them. The lightweight frame causes you to hardly notice them. The hydrophilic nose piece and temple pads allows me to net a fish at my feet without fear of my glasses slipping off and into the water.

Costa Slacktide

On cloudy days, the Costa Slacktide’s equipped with 580 G lowlight lenses allows me to see what my clients fly looks like underwater without compromising my vision like most lens colors would. The lowlight lenses lighten up everything on a darker day and looks crystal clear while still providing protection from flies whizzing by your head. The Slacktide frame is comfortable throughout the day and offers ample eye protection. Not to mention a grizzly bear would have a hard time scratching the lens!

Electric Tech One

After swinging my fly through a run, I began slowly stripping it back up to me. Then, I saw the 33 inch bull trout casually swim up to my fly before engulfing it. The next thing I knew my reel was screaming and so was I. The Electric OHM+ Polycarbonate Polarized lens gave me a clear view of my fly that was a couple feet underwater and 20 feet away from me when the bull trout attacked it. The Tech One is an extremely comfortable frame that allows you to wear it all day without feeling a pinch behind your ears. The lightweight frame also does not weigh down your head and smudges wipe off the lenses easier than fish slime off your hands.

Smith Highwater

Designed with a wraparound frame, the Smith Highwater gives you ultimate protection from the sun… and metal hooks. Included is an integrated leash that attaches seamlessly to the back of the glasses. When running down the river after a big fish, I no longer need to worry about my glasses falling off my face and into the water! With the glare-reducing Chromopop lenses, these glasses allow me to look at my clients dry flies all day without squinting at the end. The color enhancing properties of Chromopop lenses makes the river look bluer, the trees look greener, and the water look clearer. If only they made the fish look bigger!


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