Gilman High Performance Oar Grips Now available for pre-orders


From Gilman Grips:

Hello river enthusiasts.

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting pre-orders for Gilman Grips.

Our Gilman Grips design team has been working diligently to fine tune our grips and improve on the overall design you saw last October to bring you the absolute highest performance oar grip available anywhere in the world.

We took this time to go back to our product field testers and asked how we could improve our grips for the final production.

We then worked with our factory to implement the 10 exciting new performance\design additions suggested by our field testers into our new design.

The new design required two injection molds to create the 10 new features. The molds are made and the first production run of grips are on their way to Montana now.

The new Gilman Grips design look and feel great.

The 10 new performance \ design modification we added are:

1. Dual durometer grip with a glass filled Polypropylene under mold and a high grade TPE overmold.

2. TPE gasket to keep water out of the oar shaft.

3. Insert molded a 10mm grade 12.9 bolt into the Glass filled Polypropylene undermold for added weight and strength.

4. Bi-directional groves in the cylinder for better adhesion to the oar shaft.

5. Internal counter balance option that will come in at 2 LBS 10 ounces each.

6. Clocking/indexing marks for fine tuning the installation for your personal rowing style.

7. Right and left handed marks on each grip for easy identification.

8. Gilman Grips logos in two locations.

9. Texture surface of the TPE for a no slip high performance feel.

10. Two material two color grip for style and performance.

We expect to have our grips here in Montana by September 1st.

Our internet design team built a web store on Shopify.

We would like to offer you a one time pre-order discount of 25% Please use the code PREORDER18 on the check out page.

Once the the parts have landed in Montana we will discontinue the pre order discounts.

The grips are available in two colors; black and gray or lime green and purple.
There is also a counter balanced option available.

In the coming weeks we will be uploading product and installation videos to the web store.
Take a look at the photo of the new, improved Gilman Grips.

We know you will love what you see.


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