New Hammock Stand by Nido Structures


From Nido Structures:

We know most of you have hammocks. We also know that you probably don’t use them as often as you’d like. So, we created the Swiftlet. The Swiftlet is a lightweight, portable, and adjustable hammock stand that allows you to quickly and easily hang your hammock everywhere you wish you could.



Weighing in at just over 12 lbs, the Swiftlet is the lightest weight free standing hammock stand on the market. Even better, the Swiftlet easily and quickly packs down into a travel bag. Think of it like as a great looking, wildly comfortable folding chair from the future.


The Swiftlet has two easily swappable center bars that change the footprint of the stand. The Small Bar is a perfect solution for indoor hammocking, and allows you to place the Swiftlet basically anywhere you’d put a folding chair. The Big Bar creates a more traditional hammock experience. Use this for hammocking with a friend, sleeping, or for the patio. (See GIF #1 in Folder b)

Plays Nicely With All Hammocks

The Swiftlet has adjustable tie in points that fits all nylon camping hammocks – most of what you see out there. We call these tie in points the “tea-cup sliders” because… well… they look like teacups and they slide to fit your hammock. (See GIF #2 in Folder b)

Aluminum Construction

The Swiftlet is made from Aluminum. This allows it to be incredibly light weight, and means you will never have to worry about rusty parts!


  • Frame : powder-coated aluminum
  • Feet, Bushings, and Cradle : UV resistant ABS plastic
  • Bag : Quilted Canvas
  • Weight : 13 lbs
  • Hangline : Short Bar – 66” | Big Bar – 96”
  • Footprint : Short Bar – 34” wide X 41” long | Big Bar – 34” wide X 74” long
  • Height : 38”
  • Packed Dimensions : 46” X 8” X 8”

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