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The Angling Trade editors are honored and pleased to have been invited to take part in a new endeavor called the “School of Trout.” Guide, author, and Conservation Hawks lead man Todd Tanner is the School of Trout’s creator and headmaster.  It’s a weeklong school that will allow students to dive into the sport of fly fishing under the instruction of some notable faculty members, including Orvis’ Tom Rosenbauer, legendary angler Craig Matthews, artist Bob White, and author/activist/guide Hilary Hutcheson.  The initial School of Trout will be held at Trouthunter on the Henry’s Fork in Idaho, October 7-13, and it will focus on beginner to intermediate anglers.  The mission is straightforward: help students dramatically improve their skills and grow their passions for angling by fully immersing in a course created and led by a cadre of recognized professionals who have fished near and far, and who have worked for years to grow the sport and protect its resources.  Maximum enrollment is 12 anglers.  If you know some potential “students” who might want to apply (over 16, and students 16-18 must be accompanied by an adult) and take part in this unique opportunity in one of the country’s classic trout environs, please refer them to the School of Trout website.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated, and they’ll surely come back eager for you to help them continue their evolution in fly fishing.

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