TROUT Media Review: Orvis Helios 3 Fly Rod


Another major step forward for an established market presence, this third iteration of “Helios” packs all the attributes of its predecessors. It’s a fast-action rod, equally good at long and close ranges. But here’s the kicker that sets this one apart from most other rods: it loads with ease, almost by intuition. A simple, well-prepared backcast is all you need to launch a dead-on forward cast, at 15 feet or 45 feet.  Translated to actual fishing, that means this rod literally negates the need for false casts, which spook fish. It comes in a “D” version (for distance) or “F” version (for feel), but there’s plenty of D and F in either option. You can expect TU to adopt H3 for another campaign in the near future. $845-$895;

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