We Really Should Rename Peacock Bass…


The only thing I have against peacock bass (especially the giant temensis variety) is their name. They share a surname with largemouth bass, and truthfully, comparing largemouth bass with peacock bass is like comparing Jerry Lewis to Ray Lewis. Entertainer versus athlete. Peacock bass should be named “Freshwater Trevally” (or something like that) instead, and more American anglers would pay attention to them. We’ve said it before, and will say it again… jungle angling (especially the stuff that can be found in South America, equidistant for many American anglers to Alaska)… is the future.

For now, check out this new trailer by Todd Moen and Catch Magazine on the remarkable giant peacock bass operation by Untamed Angling (untamedangling.com) on the Rio Marie’ in northwestern Brazil. We also experienced the Marie’ in November, and it is as remarkable as it looks.


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