RIO’s Behind the Brand with legend Simon Gawesworth


RIO just released another “Behind the Brand” videos. It features one of the most down to earth folks in the business, Simon Gawesworth. Give it a watch. It’s worth a few minutes.

RIO’s “Behind The Brand” series is a beautiful collection of short videos exploring the life, work and fly fishing love of some of the key employees at RIO. Each film follows a RIO employee around their favorite local water, talks about what they do at RIO, and showcases their favorite set up for their fishery.

Filmed in early fall in the beautiful area of SW Washington, these films are stunningly shot with the very best of videography footage and showcasing some of the most captivating waters and scenery you can fly fish in.

This film follows Simon Gawesworth, RIO’s brand manager, to lake Merrill in SW Washington, in the foothills of Mount St. Helen’s.


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