Angling Gifts that make an impact


Rick Crawford at Emerger Strategies has compiled a list of fishing specific gifts that in his words, “make it easy for you to support brands that are not only minimizing their environmental impact, but also giving back to nonprofits that are protecting what we all love… our fisheries!” Brands include fishpond, Floodtide Co., Kleen Kanteen, Patagonia, and Rep Your Water.

From the list….

One of our personal favorites is the Fishpond River Rat 2.0 Beverage Holder, which will not only saves your hands from getting cold while watching the college football playoffs, but is made from recycled fishing nets!  Fishpond has an entire product line called Cyclepond that uses recycled nylon from discarded fishing nets that are not only great products, but are making an impact by removing harmful fishing nets from our oceans!  The River Rat 2.0 is also a well-designed beverage holder for walking the flats because it has a neck strap that allows you to pick up that redfish without spilling a drop of your favorite beverage!

Fishpond River Rat 2.0 Beverage Holder made from recycled fishing nets!

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