AT Going Social… Please Check That Out (and Like Us)


Some of you may have already noticed that Angling Trade is making a strong social media push of late.  Did you know that 80 percent or more  of digital traffic is directed to websites via social media?  And 80 percent of people access digital content primarily through handheld devices?  And 80 percent of the time they are doing that, they’re looking at video content.    While we remain primarily a business-to-business media company, we are going to be expanding the offering, primarily by doing a LOT of product reviews.  And quite a bit of that will be in video format.  So if you have products to pitch, and you want coverage that not only the people who make and sell fly-fishing products will see, but consumers will too, please be in touch with us.  And down the road, there will be opportunities for advertisers to tap the AT social channels as well.  Just a heads up.  And thanks for checking us out on Facebook and Instagram (coming soon).



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