Kammok Unveils Adaptive All Adventure Camp Blankets


From Kammok:

Today is the day, Kammok is launching a Kickstarter for their Adaptive All Adventure Camp Blankets, the first modular three-part blanket system of its kind. Back the project now and receive the whole setup by the holidays!

The All Adventure Camp Blankets stay true to Kammok’s roots of developing innovative equipment that is versatile, durable and comfortable, so you can pack less and cover more ground. From the mountains to the coast, this packable three-part kit is fast, intuitive and incredibly versatile thanks to modular snaps across the set. The All Adventure Camp Blankets include the Mountain Blanket, the Field Blanket and the Mesa Mat, creating a blanket system that works together to keep you both warm and dry, no matter the weather.

Kammok’s All Adventure Camp Blankets are ready to take your adventures to the next level and prepare you for the unexpected. Available exclusively on Kickstarter, starting today – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kammok/all-adventure-camp-blankets

▪       Available Now: Exclusive Pre-Sale via Kickstarter

o   Mountain Blanket ($85.00)

o   Field Blanket ($75.00)

o   Mesa Mat ($30.00)

▪       National Release: December 2017

o   Mountain Blanket ($99.00)

o   Field Blanket ($89.00)

o   Mesa Mat ($39.00)


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