AT Survey: How Much Do You Care About Trade Show Hype and Awards?


IFTD logo_FinalWe really like our friends at AFFTA, and want to commend them once again for running a fair, balanced, honest, and professional “New Product Showcase” at the recent International Fly Tackle Dealer show.  Likewise, we enjoy reporting on the hot new products from the show.

But… we have to wonder… how much does all that matter to you, when you’re buying product?

Please tell us.

How much do the “New Product Showcase” Awards at IFTD (and the hype from the IFTD show in general) matter to you as a retailer?

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    • Angling Trade on


      That sir is a good idea and perhaps we’ll do that down the line. I have heard from a few companies that it does indeed matter, but we were curious what shop owners and others thought about it.

      tim romano

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